Philips Fidelio X3 headphones are open for business

Audiophiles, form a line
21 January 2020 / 18:13GMT

Everything about these headphones has been designed so meticulously we could probably write a book about the double-layered ear shells alone, and that’s without even mentioning the high-res capabilities. Or the polymer drivers which are filled with gel for better damping and paired with a motor system promising accurate special reproduction. Did we mention the “responsibly sourced” black Muirhead leather combined with a souffle-like head band which should allow you to get to the end of Max Richter’s ‘sleep’ without any discomfort? The open-backed headphone replaces the usual grill for a special fabric - Kvadrat (more about that in chapter 2) which reduces any air pressure build-up and superfluous reflections from behind the drivers. Expect generous bass, warm mid-range and exceptional separation of instruments and voices. They’re available this month, so if you truly consider yourself a connoisseur of soundwaves, then you better find €349.