Noveto SoundBeamer beams audio to your ears, as if you’re wearing invisible headphones

For your ears only
25 February 2021 / 18:11GMT

Speakers are great at blasting audio out – although people in your immediate vicinity might not agree. Conversely, Headphones provide immersion, but can roast your ears and get in the way when you exercise. Noveto SoundBeamer (from $345; ships December 2021) aims to combine the two, providing an immersive audio experience without the need for headphones – nor anyone else putting up with the noise from your movies and games. The SoundBeamer connects to TVs or devices via Bluetooth and does what its name suggests, beaming audio directly to your ears. A 3D sensing module tracks your head, sending audio via ultra-high frequency acoustic waves. Two sound pockets then always sit optimally by your lugs to give you that spacial 3D audio experience. Someone next to you will apparently only hear a tenth of what you do. Anyone over a metre away will barely hear a whisper – until you start belting out lyrics from the Phil Collins Blu-Ray DVD you’re watching, obviously.