NiNM just unveiled the world's first Bluetooth 5.0 portable cassette player

Acceptable in the '80s
04 July 2019 / 11:58BST

Folks these days like to forget about the depressing reality that is 2019 by pretending they're from the wacky world of the 1980s. It's an innovative tactic that's led to the resurgence of questionable fashion choices and oodles of retro tech. Eager to capitalise on that insatiable demand for nostalgia, the boffins over at NiNM Lab are crowdfunding a portable bluetooth cassette player that brings the Sony Walkman into the 21st Century. Dubbed the 'IT'S OK,' the ditty device is the world's first cassette player with Bluetooth 5.0 capability, and it even supports traditional 3.5mm headphones. When you aren't using the player to jam to Duran Duran and The Cure, you'll be able to use its recording function to tape voice messages and other sentimental communiques for your loved ones. If that sounds like your kind of jazz, go and help make the IT'S OK a reality by backing the project on Kickstater.