LG’s FP9 earbuds come with spatial audio and a Bluetooth case

And they'll clean themselves using UV light too
26 July 2021 / 11:13BST

With their UV cleaning tech, LG’s Tone-Free earphones already had one thing to set them apart from their rivals, but the new FP9 (£TBA) are now even more tempting. As well as built-in active noise-cancelling, the IPX4-rated buds support Headphone Spatial Processing from Meridian Audio, plus 3D Sound Stage, which should both make your music sound that bit more lifelike. Another nifty new addition is the Plug & Wireless mode, which allows you to connect the case to a music source via 3.5mm cable and use it to transmit wirelessly, so you can still use your new buds with non-Bluetooth things like in-flight entertainment systems. Total battery life comes in at 24 hours (10 in the buds, 14 in the case) and you can choose from three colours: Charcoal Black, Pearl White and Haze Gold.