The iRig Pro Duo I/O is a portable 2-channel audio/MIDI interface for maestros on the move

Hit record
24 January 2020 / 15:53GMT

IK Mutimedia has created a portable 2-channel audio/MIDI interface called the iRig Pro Duo I/O ($199) to help creatives make the most of inspiration wherever it strikes - like when you're down the chippy or queuing in Greggs. Pitched as the 'perfect travel companion' for wandering musicians, video producers, or podcasters, the iRig Pro Duo I/O sports updated mic preamps with increased gain, a new UCB-C cable that makes it compatible with the latest devices, and PC drivers to ensure optimal performance on laptop and tablets. Refined volume controls with level indicators and a platter of input sources that support everything from microphones and MIDI controllers to guitars and keyboards make it a pretty impressive recording tool. Now, if only there was someone talented enough to use it...