Gravastar is a futuristic Bluetooth speaker resembling a tripod that’s escaped from a sci-fi flick

Well balanced
10 October 2018 / 16:36BST

For adventurous hardware manufacturers, speakers are a playground for creativity. We’ve seen speakers that look like tyres, gramophones, massive coins, and HAL 9000. But Gravastar (from $129) could be the most arresting yet, given that it resembles a metal spider robot preparing to laser your face off. Fortunately, Gravastar is more interested in sending music to your ears than removing them. Its shock-absorbent zinc alloy shell houses a 15W speaker (10W for the smaller $69 GravaStar Mini), and two Gravastars can be paired for stereo output. The tweeter/subwoofer separation reportedly provides “crystal-clear distortion-free sound”. And there’s ambient psychedelic lighting, to make sure no-one can miss the little metal critter sat in the corner of the room. Assuming it’s still there, of course. If it starts moving of its own accord, run.