Glo is a polyphonic wooden instrument that transforms the world into an ambient soundscape

It’s whaley good
14 December 2018 / 15:31GMT

It’s fair to say that “rotate your whale in 3D” isn’t an instruction that’d immediately come to mind when mastering a musical instrument – but then Glo (€139) is no ordinary instrument. Instead, it’s a wooden whale, with a bunch of microphones, motion awareness, and some buttons to switch between binaural beats and four ‘mood’ channels inspired by the classical elements. Surrounding ambience and your own input (as in, banging rocks, tapping a table, or remarking “I’m making hippy music with a wooden whale”) is then intelligently integrated. Probably not one for rock gods addicted to guitars and amps as big as a house, then – but anyone hankering for some meditative ambient noodling should have a whale of a time.