Geneva’s Touring S is a portable block of retro radio class

20-hour battery life for non-stop rocking
23 June 2017 / 15:14BST

If you’re going to do the old-school thing properly, you’ll need to source a turntable for the back of your camper - and ask nicely to borrow Dad’s vinyl collection. For a less cumbersome alternative scoop up this throwback DAB box from retro fans Geneva. Clad in stylish aluminum, the Touring S (£170) hits the scales at a not-so-weighty 998g, while a 20-hour battery life should keep the 60s tunes coming all night long. Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP is on-board for high quality streaming, too, in case you can’t find any stations that take your fancy, which should sound particularly nice coming out of the thoroughly new-school neodymium speaker drivers.


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