Fender Mustang Micro is an amp so small it fits in your pocket

Plug and play
12 April 2021 / 16:21BST

Want to rock out, but find yourself hindered by neighbours who prefer silence over noise, the lack of a tame roadie to cart your gear about, or the horrifying tedium of arranging and connecting kit? Then try the Fender Mustang Micro (£89.99). This dinky self-contained amp fits in your pocket and plugs right into your guitar by way of a handy rotating input plug. Add wired headphones and you can use the Micro to blare audio bliss directly into your ears. It features 12 amp models and 12 effects combos, with iconic tones taken from Fender’s full-size Mustang amps. Audio streaming lets you nail a favourite track while leaving everyone around you in peace. And when it’s time to record your now Hendrix-like skills, the Micro’s USB-C charging port handily doubles as a means to send played and streamed audio alike to a Mac or PC.