B&O’s resurrected Beogram 4000c is the perfect turntable for Throwback Thursday

Gold standard sounds
08 October 2020 / 17:27BST

As a decade, the 1970s has a mixed record when it comes to cultural contributions. For every Steely Dan there was a Starland Vocal Band. But one solid-gold winner we can all agree on is Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram 4000 Series turntable, which the Danish hi-fi expert has just resurrected as the Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition (£9000). Inside its solid oak frame B&O has added a new pickup cartridge and an RIAA pre-amp, which will make it easier to hook up to sources that didn’t exist in the ‘70s. That tangential tonearm isn’t just for show either – it means it can play vinyl at an angle that’s as close as possible to the way the record was cut. Just make sure you’re spinning a copy of Aja, not Afternoon Delight.