Audio Pro P5 is the ideal splash-proof portable speaker to kick off summer

Small size, big sound
10 June 2021 / 12:41BST

An essential summer kit comes in all forms. Some need flamingo-shaped inflatables, some insist on giant Jenga for the park, and some people need nothing more than a picnic blanket and non-stop tunes. If, like most of us, you’re here for the later, then the Audio Pro P5 (£140) is going to have you hurling your flip-flops off in audio bliss, because although the Pro P5 is diminutive in size (22 x 10cm) it’s big in sound, rocking a 35W amplifier and a 3.1in long throw woofer. There’s even a handy wrist strap which is going to free up your hands for important things like holding cups and texting your mate the unhelpful information that you’re all sat by the ‘big tree’. With 18-hours of playback, that should give you enough time to find that flip-flop you flung off earlier while the beat goes on and the sun goes down.