The Anker Life P3 buds are sub-£100 earbuds with active noise cancelling

Earily good value
10 June 2021 / 14:49BST

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a pair of buds, so we’ve developed a simple tick list of features we’d expect to see. Do the Anker Life P3 (£79.99) have varying levels of ANC? Yes, they have three modes: transport mode, outdoor mode and indoor mode. Are they comfy? They do have a tip fit feature via the app to ensure they’re secure and come with 5-lots of silicone ear tips to test. Do they sound good? With 11mm drivers and software tricks to bring the base, they certainly should do. Will they last a whole day at work? Maybe. With 6-hours playback they’ll certainly last you ‘til tea and biscuit time. Any other cool features? Why yes, loads. With six-mics, calls should be super clear, there’s a games mode which adds a punch! thrash! and kaboom! to sound effects, there’s sleeping mode which plays white noise to help you nod off, and a ‘Find Your Earbuds’ feature which plays a high-pitched sound to help easily locate where you’ve left them. Available in black, blue, white, light blue and red, will they be your new buddies?