The Gruffalo Spotter is like Pokémon Go for your toddler

What's a Gruffalo? Grab this app and find out for yourself
22 March 2017 / 6:00GMT

Imagination? Pah! Pick up your iPad and head to the forest: there are nifty critters to be found. More specifically, there’s a host of Gruffalo characters hiding in woodland areas across the UK and, with the help of The Gruffalo Spotter, little ones and big kids alike will be able to follow their clues, find them and watch them come to life. See, this clever app - available for iOS and Android - uses augmented reality smarts to superimpose the neatly animated animals on to your screen, for snaps and laughs in the great outdoors. It’s educational, too, with plenty of nature facts to keep you keen.