8BitDo’s Wireless USB Adapter lets you use your PS4 controller with the PlayStation Classic

Old school and new combine
12 December 2018 / 15:31GMT

Continuing on with their handy line of adaptors, 8BitDo's new wireless USB variety is compatible with the recently released PlayStation Classic Mini, so you can play the classic PS1 titles on the adorable miniaturised console using your Dualshock PS4 controller. 8BitDo claims the adaptor will ensure a lag free connection, with Dualshock vibration support to boot. The small but versatile adapter is also compatible with other platforms, including the Xbox One S, PS4, PS3, Switch, Wii U, Raspberry Pi, Mac and PC, as well as several other controllers such as Joycons and Wii Motes. It's due to ship December 31 for the pre-order price of just £18.

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