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3 Legged Thing’s Wrapz give gadgets some welcome extra protection

Waterproof wraps will keep all your gear safe from scrapes and scratches

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There’s nothing worse than pulling an expensive bit of tech out of your bag to find it’s been battered or scratched by some loose change or a house key you forgot it was sharing a pocket with. That won’t happen with one of 3 Legged Thing’s new Wrapz protective fabric covers wrapped around your precious gadget.

The British brand, best known for its extensive selection of tripods and distinctive camera bags, didn’t just have digital cameras and lenses in mind for these protective polymer coverings. Wrapz are launching in small (30cm), medium (38cm) and large (45cm) sizes, which should happily surround everything I carry round in my gadget bag. Phones, drones, handheld games consoles and e-readers will all fit snugly, staying safe from scrapes or scratches until I need them. There’s even a multipack if you lug around as much tech as I do on a regular basis.

The 100% waterproof polymer means accidental spills or sudden rain showers won’t be a problem, and the clever four-layer padded material locks firmly in place as you wrap it around your gear. Two different textured sides act a bit like velcro, but with none of the scratchiness, staying locked together until you peel it apart by hand.

Folded up like a parcel, they’ll take up a lot less space than a hard shell carry case might – handy if you’re limited on room, or need to pack light.

3 Legged Thing is a fan of stand-out colours and patterns, so it’s not a shock that Wrapz is launching in two eye-catching designs: Retro and Swirl.

You’ll be able to snap one up, or all three in a multipack, directly from the 3 Legged Thing website or from authorised camera retailers. Prices start at $15/£15 for a small, $20/£20 for a medium, $25/£25 for a large and $55/£55 for the multipack.

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