ZX Spectrum Vega vs Recreated ZX Spectrum

Two 8-bit retro comeback wannabes enter! One 8-bit retro comeback wannabe leaves!

This is quite a surreal moment. We’re living in 2015 and yet two new ZX Spectrums(ish) are competing for our retro love, promising the kind of nostalgic joy only eye-searing colours, ear-smashing audio, and infuriatingly difficult old-school games can provide.

If you weren’t alive during the era of fluorescent day-glo socks, the original Transformers, and CRASH magazine, know this: the ZX Spectrum was revolutionary. The dinky little computer with its rubber keyboard kickstarted the UK videogames industry, and many of today’s leading lights got their start on the Speccy. Of course, if you were around back then, you’re likely wide-eyed at the thought of revisiting Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner, Monty on the Run, Skool Daze and Jet Set Willy, gagging to perform a quirkafleeg.

So in the red corner, we have the ZX Spectrum Vega, with input from Sir Clive Sinclair himself. In the blue corner, the Recreated ZX Spectrum, made (dead) flesh through the efforts of Elite Systems Ltd, one of the original Spectrum’s most famous software developers.

Let battle commence!