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What is XDefiant? Everything you need to know about the free-to-play shooter

The Ubisoft shooter, explained


We have a new FPS shooter, and it’s looking to muscle in on the console success of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Its name is XDefiant, and it’s being released today (21 May 2024) by Ubisoft.

But what is XDefiant? And is it worth your time? Let’s cover the basics.

What is it?

XDefiant is a free-to-play, first-person arena shooter. Online matches are fast-paced, and the action is frantic. You can play across a range of maps, fire an expanding arsenal of weapons, and compete over several different game modes.

You can choose to play as one of five factions who all have their own unique perks, skills and abilities. The Libertads are revolutionary fighters and medical wizards, while the Phantoms are an elite group of weaponsmiths with great fire power. You can choose to play as the stealthy Echelon factions, the fire loving Cleaners, or cyber attack specialists DedSec.

Wait, is it basically Warzone?


Sort of yes, but with some key differences. Firstly, it’s completely free, but another USP for XDefiant comes in how it is monetized. There are no pay-to-win mechanics in the game. There is gameplay impacting content available to purchase, however this can also be unlocked through challenges.

A number of maps are taken from existing Ubisoft IP. This includes Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, Far Cry and DedSec. While unconfirmed, we are hoping that more maps from the Ubisoft back catalogue will be rolled out as time goes on.

How can I play?


If you own a console, you’re pretty much ready to go. XDefiant is currently available to play on PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows and Amazon Luna. Sadly, Nintendo Switch owners will have to go without.

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