Upgrade Yourself: connect your clothes

Smartwatches and fitness bands are great, but tomorrow’s fit-tech will be woven into the fabric of your workout gear

If you've come in search of the perfect Mr. Motivator leotard, this probably isn't the best place to look.

This list only features the best and techiest sports clothes around. This is not any ordinary spandex, this is futuristic, sensor packing, sports tracking spandex.

If you're looking to take your fitness and sporting future to the next level, then these are the garments that'll get you there.

And if you're looking for even more ways that tech can help you get fitter, faster and healthier, check out the full Stuff Fitness Special.

More smart clothing solutions

Digitsole Warm Series (€200): get some heat in your sole

If you thought putting your pants on straight from the radiator was the ultimate in winter luxury, Digitsole’s Warm Series will blow your socks off. These heated, app-controlled inner soles can be stoked up to 45ºC and will pump out heat for up to six hours. They also count your steps and calories burned, so the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment should stretch further than just the soles of your feet.

Antelope ($1600): extra tingle to your training

Remember those belts in the Argos catalogue that promised to give you a six pack by electrocuting your abs? Antelope’s suit is essentially one of those you can wear out and about. Electrodes are woven into it, with a Bluetooth-connected battery pack and an app to control how it buzzes you depending on your exercise programme. The idea is it works more muscle fibres, so you get better results with the same amount of effort.

Lumo Run ($150): improve your running technique

Stuffing something in your running shorts isn’t normally the way to nail a new PB (unless it’s a rocket) but Lumo Run’s sensor fits into a pocket in the back of special strides to log cadence, bounce, braking, stride length, pelvic rotation and ground contact time. The app gives you real-time audio feedback via headphones, so you can decide whether you’d be better off just replacing it with a rocket after all.

Hexoskin Smart ($400): a vest unlike the rest

It looks like a wetsuit and sounds like something from a low budget sci-fi movie, but the Hexoskin Smart might just be the cleverest exercise kit around. Worn underneath your gym clobber, its sensors feed data to a tiny Bluetooth pod. It measures everything from heart-rate variation and breathing volume to your sleep (if you can get to sleep in it, that is). No wonder NASA has given them to astronauts.