Ultimate setup: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Furnish your new Galaxy Note 3 with a bunch of the best accessories, from headphones to cases to docks
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

So you’ve shelled out the readies for a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and you’ve stuffed it full of the finest apps.

But you’re still not satisfied, are you? Things still don’t feel quite right. But fear not, friend, because we’ve scoured the web for the finest add-ons and accessories that’ll take your Note 3 experience to heady new heights.

Hard case: Spigen Case Slim Armor

Spigen Case Slim Armor

If you’re a butter-fingered sort and simply must keep your Galaxy Note 3 protected from any form of impact damage, the Slim Armor case from Spigen is an affordable solution. Its double-layered construction increases its shock-absorbing capabilities, while the close fit doesn’t add much bulk to your device. It’s available in five different colour finishes.

US$30, Spigen

Samsung Qi wireless charging kit

Samsung Qi wireless charging kit

Samsung’s official wireless charging pad comes with a replacement back cover for the Note 3, allowing you to simply place the phablet on the pad at night and have its battery magically topped up without any cable fiddling (OK, it isn’t magic: it’s due to electromagnetic fields). One warning: the replacement back cover may make the Note 3 incompatible with certain protective cases.

£80, Mobile Fun

Shure SE425 headphones

Shure SE425 headphones

Our golden-eared colleagues at What Hi-Fi? have declared the Shure SE425s as simply the finest in-ear headphones available in their price bracket. They’re not the punchiest earbuds around when it comes to bass, but deliver astounding levels of detail and superbly solid midrange performance that more than makes up for it. Load up your Galaxy Note 3 with high-quality music files and let the SE425s do the rest.

£200, Shure

Mini Bluetooth keyboard and battery pack

Mini Bluetooth keyboard and battery pack

Not only does this accessory add a Bluetooth-enabled, pocket-sized QWERTY keyboard to your Galaxy Note 3, it also packs a 5000mAh battery that can be used to deliver a sizeable slab of extra life to the device. For comparison, the Note 3’s built-in battery is 3200mAh, so this power pack can more than double your amount of on-the-go usage.

£25, Mobile Fun