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Ultimate Setup: iPhone 6 Plus

Make a great phone even better with these white-hot iPhone 6 Plus extras

The iPhone 6 Plus is so much bigger than older Apple smartphones it makes them look like babies’ toys.

That’s because after years of sticking steadfastly at or below the 4in mark, the Cupertino giants leapt up to 5.5in inches for the Plus. Of course that means not all of your lovingly assembled iPhone 5s accessories will suit – or even work with – the 6 Plus. So you’d better buy some new ones.

Cases, external batteries, speakers and extra protection for your high-class blower are all things to put on the must-buy list. The question is: which should you splash out on? We’ve gathered together some of the very best ones to put on your radar.

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UAG Composite case (£30)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Presumably you’ve heard the horror stories about iPhone 6 Plus phones bending in people’s pockets. Whether they’re real or just another example of internet scaremongering, it’s always a good idea to slap a case on to a big phone, as they do have a tendency to slip from your grasp.

UAG makes a range of hardy composite cases that cover the entire rear of the phone. This one should protect your iPhone 6 Plus from frame damage as well as impact damage. It even comes with a screen protector. Of course, as with any rugged case there’s a price to pay in looks and size.

Buy the UAG composite case here

Elgato EyeTV (£70)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

A 5.5-inch phone screen is a great little portable display on which you can watch TV episodes and movies while you’re on the go. However, doing so doesn’t half eat into your data allowance. But there is another way.

The Elgato EyeTV is a little Freeview dongle that plugs into an iPhone’s Lightning port. There’s an aerial that screws in too: it’s so small you can fit it in a jacket pocket when not in use. It’s the best bet if you can’t bear the thought of missing an episode of Judge Judy.

Buy the Elgato EyeTV here

TP-Link TL-PB10400 (£25)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Think external battery packs are overpriced? Take a look at TP-Link’s latest. For less than £25, you get a huge 10,400mAh capacity unit with two charge sockets and – here’s the real kicker – a little LED light for when you stumble home late at night and can’t find the keyhole.

The USB ports offer 1A and 2A charge points – you’ll definitely want the latter for an iPhone 6 Plus – and you should be able to get 2-3 full charges before the TP-Link drains down. Even if you’re not jetting off abroad every week, we think this is a pretty sensible insurance policy to keep in your bag.

Buy the TP-link TL-PB10400 here

Sonos Play:1 (£170)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Now that you have the ultimate phone, why not get the sound system to go with it? Sonos’s latest, the Play:1 speaker, only costs £170 but gets you one of the best wireless audio experiences out there. It’s dead simple, looks great and sounds fab too.

Using the Sonos app, you can turn your iPhone 6 Plus into a real hi-fi controller, accessing services such as Spotify and Google Play Music as well as those tunes stashed on your desktop’s hard drive upstairs.

Buy the Sonos Play:1 here

Moshi iVisor (£30)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Cheap screen protectors are just little films of plastic. However, the Moshi iVisor is made of glass. And not just any glass: IonGlass. This sounds similar to the tech Apple uses in the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus itself. Except, of course, that if you damage this, it only cost £30 rather than £600-plus. Moshi will also replace any iVisors that are damaged within the first year of use.

The iVisor protects the whole front of your phone, not just the display part – a sure way to keep resale price sky-high should you be already dreaming of your iPhone 7 upgrade next year.

Buy the Moshi Ivisor here

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Netflix subscription (£6)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Use an iPhone 6 Plus for a while and an old iPhone 5S or 5C will start to seem like a dinky little toy. A 5.5-inch screen is about a thousand times better for watching a quick TV episode while on the way to work. So perhaps it’s time to sign up for Netflix.

For the uninitiated, this is the top paid-for subscription streaming service, giving you unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes. There’s no long-term contract, either. Want to sign up for one month (just £6)? No problem.

Sign up to Netflix here

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DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus In-Car Pack (£18)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus makes it a great choice as a dashboard GPS unit. However, doing so by holding the phone in your hand is a sure-fire ticket to the hospital or prison. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions out there.

The DriveTime get-up includes a clip suction stand, a charge cable and an adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter port. It doesn’t cost too much, either.

Buy the DriveTime iPhone 6 Plus kit here

Audio Technica ATH-M50x (£120)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Going big on your phone? Why not go big on headphones too? The Audio Technica ATH-M50x offer some of the very best audio you can get at the price, and selling for just over £100 can even go head-to-head with sets twice the price.

They’re over-ear headphones that offer both a short cable for when you’re out and about and a springy one that’s better for at-home use. These are based on a classic pair of studio headphones, so it’s no wonder they’re a little bit special.

Buy the Audio Technica ATH-M50x here

Apple leather case (£40)

The best cases, headphones and accessories for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Not interested in a giant protective case? Apple’s leather ones offer slimline protection that doesn’t ruin the iPhone 6 Plus’s lines. They also manage to avoid looking too fusty, with bright red and blue versions on offer if you’re not into the more traditional leather colours of black, brown and cream.

As is the norm with Apple accessories, it doesn’t come cheap at £40, but if you want to stay 100% on-brand, it’s a must-have.

Buy the Apple leather case here

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