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The best PlayStation news and trailers from May’s State of Play

The most exciting games coming to PS5 and PSVR2 this summer and later this year

Astro Bot

With Sony relying mostly on third party console exclusives and already saying not to expect any new entries in its big franchises in the coming fiscal year, it’s fair to say expectations were quite low for last night’s State of Play (30 May, 11pm BST). Fortunately, with a slight revamp in format, it turned out there were some surprises after all.

Not only did Sony actually show some new upcoming exclusives from its own first party studios, but there’s also some exciting stuff for those who shelled out on a PSVR 2 and wondering what else there’ll be to play.

We’ve rounded up the highlights and trailers for you below, though you can also check out the 35-minute State of Play presentation right here.

1) Astro Bot

Think PlayStation blockbusters and it’s all very cinematic, photorealistic, and often just a bit too dark and grim. So thank goodness for Astro Bot, a true exception to the rule from Team Asobi in Japan.

Having already delighted players with Astro Bot VR: Rescue Mission (sadly forever stuck on PSVR1 at this rate) and the short but sweet (and free) Astro’s Playroom, still one of the best showcases for the DualSense controller, it’s going to be interesting to see if this titular adorable bot is ready for the big time in his first proper feature-length and no doubt full priced game.

On the evidence of this 3-minute trailer alone, the simply titled Astro Bot certainly looks like it can bring the kind of gaming joy we rarely see outside of Nintendo. It also feels like a perfect vehicle for cramming in as many references to PlayStation’s legacy with tons of outfits inspired by many beloved franchises in the platform’s history, from Parappa to Ico (but pour one out for the fans crying for a Bloodborne remaster, who may have to make do with a hunter’s skin).

Release date: 6 September

2) Concord

Remember when Concord was announced last year? Neither did we. You’d also be forgiven given how several of Sony’s planned online multiplayer games had been cancelled in the past year, but this from new studio Firewalk Studios has survived and is coming to both PS5 and PC this summer.

While it led with a cinematic trailer that gives Guardians of the Galaxy vibes, this is actually a 5v5 multiplayer first person shooter. Don’t call it a hero shooter though. You play as freegunners, taking on high-stake jobs across Wild space and battling other freegunners. While that Overwatch influence looks evident, there’s also apparently inspiration taken from fighting games and strategy games as you match up against asymmetrical characters and have a whole host of abilities that allow you to improvise and express yourself.

Given the cinematric trailer, narrative is also key so you’ll also see cinematic vignettes playing on a weekly basis allowing you to get to know the characters and their stories. Given the surprise success of Helldivers 2, there may be room for another premium online shooter, though players who pre-order will be able to get a taste with a beta happening in July.

Release date: 23 August

3) Monster Hunter Wilds

After its reveal at the Game Awards, Capcom gives us a first proper gameplay reveal for Monster Hunter Wilds. While the Switch had the excellent Monster Hunter Rise (later ported to other platforms), this clearly follows on from the worldwide smash of 2018’s World, with a real visual glow-up for both the human characters (your protagonist is also fully voiced for the first time) and the headlining beasties themselves.

The new trailer shows off two new monsters you’ll get to hunt in the Forbidden Lands, the Dosaguma, a fanged beast, as well as the amphibian-like Chatacabra with a big slimy tongue. Some of these monsters might even come at you as a pack, while you also have to brave the elements in environments that can transform in unpredictable ways. Fortunately, you have not only a trust cat partner, a new mount where you can also prepare your equipment from while on the go, but all 14 returning weapon types also make use of an all-new Focus mode allowing for more precise control when targeting monster weak points.

Release date: 2025

4) Silent Hill 2

Last night also had a special showcase that showed 13 minutes of gameplay from Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2, but it still made an appearance ahead of that on State of Play to drop the release date, and of course it’s coming out during spooky season.

This trailer meanwhile focuses on protagonist James, who’s come to the titular town to apparently seek his wife who’s supposed to have died, and Angela, one of the many characters he meets. It’s clearly opting for a behind the shoulder perspective that’s become the standard for modern 3D games, much like with Resident Evil 2, though fans are still weary about how its characters look as well a strange emphasis on combat, hardly the thing that made Silent Hill 2 so iconic and memorable.

Still, with a release finally in sight, it won’t be long before we can all stop arguing about it and just find out for ourselves whether it lives up to Konami’s original vision.

Release date: 8 October

5) Alien Rogue Incursion

Remember the early days of Oculus when Creative Assembly made a VR demo for Alien Isolation that absolutely terrified everyone who played it? Alien Rogue Incursion might well deliver on that promise of a feature-length title.

Fortunately, it looks like you’ll be well-armed and not just be helplessly holding the iconic motion tracker when it comes to facing whatever xenomorph is lurking in the shadows. Might want to bring a change of underwear either way.

Given the absence of any first party support and plans to make PSVR 2 compatible with PC, it almost felt like Sony had given up on this pricey headset, so it feels assuring there’ll still be some proper VR blockbusters to look forward to.

Release date: Holiday 2024

6) Everything else

Skydance is also still supporting PSVR2. Having previously developed the well-received The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners instalments, its new title Behemoth looks action-packed with lots of brutal hand-to-hand combat with breathtaking traversal, large-scale bosses, and where you can even punch people’s heads off.

Bringing colour and fashion to proceedings, we got a look at Infinity Nikki, a dress-up open world adventure where changing into different outfits gives you new abilities, with a beta coming to PS5 later this year. It’s also directed by a former Nintendo developer who’s worked on the Zelda series, including the expansion for Breath of the Wild, so there’s a very strong pedigree.

Silent Hill 2 wasn’t the only remake on show as we also got another look at the remake of Until Dawn, which definitely looks like it’s following the original game to the latter, especially if they’re using the same performances of the actors as before, considering Rami Malek’s won an Oscar since. Expect this to release in the autumn, not confirmed but no surprise if it’s in October.

Some games that had been previously announced on other platforms also are now confirmed for PS5, including the stunning wuxia open world epic Where Winds Meet and free-to-play action RPG Paths of Exile 2. On the flip side, God of War Ragnarok is also coming to PC on 19th September, which will include the excellent Valhalla DLC as well as new features such as ultra widescreen support.

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