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The best Peacock movies and TV shows of 2024 so far

Looking to stream something excellent on Peacock tonight? Then look no further…

The best Peacock movies and TV shows: Oppenheimer

Peacock is one of the most popular streaming services in the U.S., with over 30 million paid subscribers and an extensive library of top TV shows and movies. And little wonder: it is, after all, the streaming arm of NBCUniversal, the media megacorporation responsible for some of the most recognisable television and film properties around.

Between freshly released content and older material drawn from NBC and Universal’s vast archives, its deep involvement with NBCUniversal makes Peacock one of the most stacked streaming services around. There are around 5,000 different things to choose from, which means picking out an individual show or movie can be a tricky task.

Thankfully, your pals at Stuff are here to do the heavy lifting. We’ve scoured through the listings to find the best Peacock TV and movies on offer. From beloved classics to the latest Oscar-hoovering releases, there’s truly something for everyone here. So read on and we’ll help you find something to watch on Peacock right away!

Best Peacock movies


Bringing home armfuls of 2024 Oscars, Oppenheimer is a biopic of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist who played a pivotal role in developing the first nuclear bomb. Directed with typical assured aplomb by Christopher Nolan and starring the Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer, the film is based on the fascinating 2005 biography American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.

Taking us on a captivating journey through Oppenheimer’s life, from his days as a gifted Harvard student to his contribution to the Manhattan Project and the creation of the atomic bomb, the film delves into the complex ethical and moral challenges arising from his work. It’s a thought-provoking, emotional journey, offering a unique perspective on one of the most significant events of the 20th century.

Watch Oppenheimer on Peacock

Jurassic Park

We’re not telling you anything you probably don’t already know here, but the original Jurassic Park is a perfect blockbuster movie. Steven Spielberg’s mastery of pacing, camera, editing and sound is on full display here, as the resurrected attractions in a dinosaur theme park take advantage of a cascading series of disasters to turn on their captors. His use of early CGI is also noteworthy, because over 30 years on Jurassic Park’s graphical effects still look almost flawless – something you can’t say for many of its contemporaries.

The bland sequels have shown that there’s much more to making a fantastic movie than a cool idea (“What if dinosaurs and humans could interact?”); this is a rare occasion when a mega-budget box office smash feels absolutely full of heart and soul.

Watch Jurassic Park on Peacock

Get Out

Not many horror movies receive an Oscar nomination, but then Get Out isn’t a run-of-the-mill slasher flick or haunted house story. Even if it does offer loads of gore and otherworldly discomfort.

Jordan Peele delivers a genre-bending film that works both as a traditional scary movie and as a clever satire on modern-day racism. And, as you’d expect from a film written and directed by former sketch show star, it’s also very funny. Factor in Daniel Kaluuya’s fantastic lead performance (also Oscar-nominated), its status as a box office success, and you can see why it caught the Academy’s eye. But hey, who needs Oscar’s seal of approval when you have ours. Trust us, this is one horror movie all types of film fan should see.

Watch Get Out on Peacock


If were we forced, perhaps at chainsaw-point, to choose a movie that best personified the 1980s, Scarface might be the obvious pick. Glamourous, violent, cheesy and absolutely drowning in cocaine, it’s a wild ride through Miami’s pastel-hued, neon-lit underworld to the soundtrack of Giorgio Moroder’s moody synth music.

Al Pacino rules the screen as Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee seeking to build a name for himself as a drug kingpin. A cautionary tale about ambition and the American Dream, the excessive nature of Scarface – from Pacino’s scenery-chewing performance to the mountains of Colombian marching powder – makes it hard to take too seriously. There are few movies more fun, though.

Watch Scarface on Peacock


In spite of their fearsome name, killer whales are intelligent, social animals that seldom pose any danger to people. So what, then, made one orca attack and kill its trainer? That’s the question posed by this documentary, which takes a deep dive (no pun intended) into the world of show whales – and the psychological effects captivity might inflict upon them.

As is often the case, it’s the pursuit of the almighty dollar that comes across as the true culprit here. That said, the documentary’s assured storytelling and the alternative view it offers into a seemingly benign industry make it a completely gripping watch.

Watch Blackfish on Peacock

Best Peacock TV shows

Yellowstone (S1-5)

Succession with stirrups? The Godfather for good ol’ boys? A conservative response to the proliferation of ‘woke’ shows on TV? The exceedingly popular Yellowstone is actually none of the above. It’s not particularly conservative, or as gripping as The Godfather, or half as clever and funny as Succession. What is it, then? Well, it’s an enjoyable and well-acted (if frequently ludicrous and overblown) drama about a powerful, wealthy Montana ranching family who aren’t shy when it comes to bribery, intimidation or good ol’ fashioned murder, as long as it’s done in the name of protecting their own. Think Dallas, if J.R. got shot every episode and Bobby wasn’t averse to a bit of torture.

It’s too melodramatic to take as seriously as some fans might suggest, but its modern-day take on well-worn cowboy tropes and archetypes make it a breeze to binge watch. Oh, and there are two star-studded spin-off series (1883 and 1923) about earlier generations of the Dutton clan to chew on once you’re done – but you’ll have to subscribe to Paramount+ to watch those.

Watch Yellowstone on Peacock

30 Rock (S1-7)

If you’re one of the 11 people left on planet Earth who hasn’t already blasted through all of 30 Rock, it’s high time you got with the programme. Loosely based on creator and star Tina Fey’s experiences as head writer on the venerable comedy variety show Saturday Night Live, its relentlessly hilarious 20-minute episodes are pure streaming joy. Fey, along with a brilliant cast including Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan, delivers a show so rich in one-liners and ridiculous situations that it’s almost impossible to catch your breath between gags.

Just don’t start watching if you have a big day tomorrow, because once you get going, you’ll be hooked until the small hours of the morning. You’re welcome.

Watch 30 Rock on Peacock

Line of Duty (S1-4)

Who polices the British police? The Anti-Corruption Unit, that’s who – and Line of Duty is a fast-paced, twisty BBC drama that follows the efforts of AC12 to uncover dodgy dealings within the ranks of the boys and girls in blue. They might not be perfect people, and they may not be popular with other coppers, but this team strives to keep the service’s nose clean – even as a force-wide conspiracy seems set on silencing anyone who tries to speak out.

There are four of the five seasons of the series on Peacock, and you’ll probably blaze through them in no time. That’s because Line of Duty‘s mastery of tense situations, conspiracy and behind-the-scenes corruption coupled with its fast-moving police procedural structure make one of the most compelling, binge-worthy British shows in years.

Watch Line of Duty on Peacock

Community (S1-6)

Dan Harmon’s sitcom about a diverse and quirky group of students (Donald Glover and Chevy Chase among them) attending a Coloradan community college, apparently based on his own experiences at a similar institution, is stuffed with clever pop culture references, cliché-subverting plots and memorably over-the-top characters. The sort of stuff that film and TV geeks adore, in other words.

It’s no wonder that Community is a cult favourite, despite failing to attract the sort of ratings its commissioners at NBC might have desired. If you’ve not watched it already, we strongly urge you to see what the fuss is about. All six seasons – a total of 110 episodes – are available for streaming on Peacock.

Watch Community on Peacock

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S1-8)

This long-running comedy about the hijinks that go on in an NYPD precinct populated by oddballs and kooks has now come to an end. That means you can binge watch it all, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to come back to finish things later.

The star of the show might be Andy Samberg, whose childish detective is often at the centre of each episode’s storyline, but a superb supporting cast including Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti and the late Andre Braugher make this very much an ensemble piece.

Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Peacock

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