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Stuff Cool List 2013: Songkick Detour brings bands to you

Songkick Detour will roll out from London to the rest of the UK by the end of July, letting fans raise funds for local gigs by musicians and artists

Being a music snob is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you only like super-cool bands none of your friends have heard of. On the other, these bands have very few fans, so they never tour near you. Until Songkick Detour came along.


Songkick Detour –Kick off

Songkick Detour –Kick off

This venture, currently London-based but set to go nationwide, lets you pick a band, decide how much you’d pay to see them and if enough like-minded fans do the same, Songkick will try to bring them to your town. It’s brought Desaparecidos to the UK for the first time ever already, so your favourite jazz-post-rockers could be next.

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