Promotion: Six reasons bigger is better when it comes to smartphones

Smartphone screen sizes have been creeping up in size in recent years – and for good reason.

We do more than ever on our phones and portable devices, and packing more screen real estate into your pocket, while still keeping a slim and compact design, comes with some serious advantages. 

1 Better multimedia experience

Larger screens offer a bigger, better experience when it comes to watching movies, browsing the internet or playing games. They tend to be higher resolution and with more pixels packed into them, pictures are sharper and more realistic. A more immersive Great British Bake Off experience on-the-go? We’re salivating.

2 Better driving companion

If you use your smartphone for getting around, a big screen can be invaluable for making sure you don’t make a wrong turn, particularly when driving. Larger maps are easier to read from a distance and can give a clearer idea of things like lane information, points of interest and where to grab a bite. Either that or you can see in big-screen glory just how hilariously lost you really are.

3 Better for photography

When taking photos or video, a big-screen smartphone will make it easier to view and frame your shot just right, not to mention make tweaking settings easier with larger icons and more space to work with. Plus, once you’ve got your shots in the bag, that bigger screen will be the perfect size to show off your work in all its glory. What’s not to like about massive selfies?

4 It’s your second screen

Second screening is officially A Thing – and we all do it, perhaps without even realising. Ever checked Twitter while watching your favourite show to see what others are saying about it? Or hit up to check where you’ve seen that actor before? Bigger screen phones mean more information at a glance – making it easier than ever to instantly pooh-pooh your clueless sofa-mates’ spurious movie trivia.

5 Better user experience

No more fat-thumbing your way through tiny menus here. Modern smartphones put a larger focus on user experience than ever, and bigger screens mean interfaces can offer greater flexibility and more features. From being able to squeeze more icons per line in the app tray to offering a larger selection of useful widgets, bigger screens have allowed phone designers more freedom to create better phones.

6 And in case that wasn’t enough…

A big-screened smartphone is the perfect kitchen assistant, pulling up easy-to-view recipes and demo videos so you can cook up a storm. Short of a chopping board? That big screen could be just the ticket… but we definitely didn’t tell you that. Use it as a ping-pong bat? We didn’t tell you that either.

Huawei offers a range of big-screen smartphones that make all of this possible.