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Promoted: Top three gadgets you can’t live without on campus

Eloise Bavin from Southampton Solent University tells about the gadgets she’s relying on to get her through her degree

Being away at university means missing the luxuries of home, the fancy appliances and the washing machine. But there are some gadgets I just couldn’t leave behind. These are three of my must-haves.

1. The Blender

Blenders are perfect for mixing cocktails, curing the morning after hangover and making delicious milkshake concoctions when you’re feeling homesick. The Kenwood Smoothie 2Go SBO55 is ideal for the student budget. At £21.50 from Tesco Direct, not only is it affordable, it comes with a flask you can carry around campus.

2. Headphones

Headphones are vital for drowning out next door’s drum and bass or for those all-night library sessions. Music can help you de-stress, lift your mood when assignments are getting on top of you and pump you up for a night out. Skullcandy earphones are lightweight, yet have amazing sound quality. They are perfect for use at the back of the lecture theatre. Available from Skullcandy.com at a range of prices from £17.99 to £44.99, it won’t drain away your student loan or eat too much into your overdraft.

3. Games Console

What student can live without a gaming console? It distracts you from that assignment due at the end of the week or keeps you up until 3am before a 9am lecture. My personal favourite is the Xbox 360. Not the newest, but definitely just as entertaining. Sometimes you need to take a breather and relax as university can get on top of you. Call of Duty’s Ghost is my favourite game – a great distraction from your own life. You can pick up an Xbox 360 for £129.99 from Argos.


Just because students are away from home, it doesn’t mean they have to do without their comforts. These three gadgets will help them work their way through their degree and keep them sane as deadlines loom.

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