New Nintendo 3DS XL v Sony PS Vita Slim

For serious gaming on the move you still need a dedicated portable console. So do you go Nintendo or Sony? We took the newest versions of each for a spin

Smartphone gaming may be better than ever right now, but for the proper console-style experience you can't beat a proper handheld games machine.

And as far as proper handheld games machines go, you can't beat the Sony PlayStation Vita Slim. Or at least that was the case until last month, when Nintendo unleashed a new, improved version of the 3DS XL on the world.

Rather cleverly, they named it the New Nintendo 3DS XL. And also rather cleverly, they kept all of the good bits we liked about its predecessor while making a few other bits much better.

So, all very clever. But is it smart enough to see off Sony's King of the mini-consoles? We put them head to head to find out.

If you only play one game...

For the 3DS it's Super Mario 3D Land, obviously. It's a tremendously creative game in a series full of them, and it finds the perfect middle ground between the best 2D and 3D Mario entries. Every level feels totally unique, and there are lots of surprises to find - so keep digging.

On the Vita, it has to be Tearaway, the latest from LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule. This colourful papercraft-inspired platformer is not only wonderfully inventive and endlessly charming, but it's also one of the rare games that puts nearly all of the hardware's neat little tricks to solid use.