Just for clicks: 9 of the best mice for superior scrolling

Quit cursing your cursor: these superior pointers will rekindle your love for the ol’ click and scroll

Ah, the joys of an ailing mouse. Periodically picking fluff from the temperamental sensor. Shouting obscenities at its inconsistent scroll wheel. Smacking it on the desk when it refuses to cooperate.

But for all the possible flaws - and despite the existence of touchpads and tablet screens - nothing has yet usurped the trusty puck when it comes to reliable, accurate inputs. Point, click, repeat: it’s that straightforward.

So, whether you’re wielding weapons in World of Warcraft or waging war on an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet, these smart scrollers are sure to enhance the interaction between you and your machine. Until you find fluff in the sensor, that is.

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Competitive clickers

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