The iOS 7 redesign could take some hints from these iPhone skins

While Jony Ive and his team beaver away on the minimalist iOS 7 redesign, we've picked out some iPhone skins they could use for inspiration
iOS 7

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 will reportedly be overhauled by Apple’s head designer Jony Ive with a more minimalist look. But iPhone jailbreakers have been stripping back the skeuomorphism for quite some time – we hope Ive has been looking at these efforts.



The image was posted on Twitter by jailbreaker Ryan Petrich. The cluttered tray and overly-textured icons leave a little to be desired, but it manages to bridge the gap between iOS 6 and a more minimal interface. With Jony Ive driving out textures we expect the final version of iOS 7 to even more stripped back. But with the iPhone 5S reportedly cramming in double the resolution of its predecessor, the new OS is sure to look good whatever the final design.



This skin does exactly what its name suggests, doing away with the curved corners and gradients on Apple's iOS icons for a simpler, cleaner look. We're also quite taken with the toggles that pop up at the bottom of the screen.



Apple's iWatch could feature a spiral OS – and these circular icons would fit in perfectly if Apple wants to bring some harmony to its iWatch and iPhone user experiences. Circul8 uses simple circular icons to add colour and minimalism all in one fell swoop.

WhiteLine HD


The WhiteLine HD skin is painfully pretty to look at – those centralised icons, that monochrome design. We're particularly happy to see the back of the red notifications circle, which taunts us with unread e-mails. Jony Ive, take note.



Already popular on Android, MIUI has landed on iOS – and it looks good, offering up simpler, cleaner buttons along with a totally overhauled iPod app, SMS app, phone app and general UI.

iOS '86


If Ive is planning to look to Apple's past for inspiration, he could do worse than this glorious monochrome effort from designer Anton Repponen. iOS '86, as it's aptly named, pays homage to the old Mac OS with its pixellated icons and Chicago font.

WWDC is due to take place on June 10th where iOS 7 will be revealed – along with, potentially, a new iPhone 5S.