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Discover dual living with the Asus ZenBook Duo

In partnership with Asus: Welcome to the evolution of the Windows 10 laptop where two screens could be better than one

In partnership with Asus

Ditching the office commute was supposed to mean a better work-life balance, instead our digital lives feel busier than ever. If only there was some way we could be in two places at once without actually going anywhere. Well, the Asus ZenBook Duo might be your ticket to leading a double life.

Okay, so the Windows 10 laptop won’t lie to your family about your secret superspy existence, and as far as we’re aware it won’t facilitate time travel (we’ve still got some settings left to deep dive), but it does offer the promise of getting twice as much done in half the time. How? By becoming a multitasking maven with its unique twin displays.

We decided to put the Asus ultimate productivity machine to the test.