Chill training: the best gear for winter running

Smash your polar PB with this cold-weather kit

Running in the winter months has its perks. Sure, it’s pitch black when you wake up, but at least that means you can’t see the sideways sleet outside.

Though sub-zero temperatures and slippery surfaces might make January jogging something of an assault course, pounding the pavement in chilly weather can actually help you beat the winter blues – all thanks to those glorious post-run endorphins.

Ready to get out from under your duvet and go after that Parkrun record? From grippy trainers to insulating baselayers, this sprinting kit is sure to bolster your resolve when conditions turn arctic. Even if your central heating doesn’t.

Beryl Pixel (£20)

With just eight hours of daylight in which to work, shop and curate your #InstaFit feed, running in the dark becomes a necessary part of any winter training regime. Don't be dim when you sprint after dark: stick this waterproof shiner on your waistband for guaranteed visibility.

Light, bright and good for up to 10 hours on a full charge, a built-in clip makes attaching the Pixel a cinch, while the option to switch the colour from red to white means you can also use one on your handlebars if you’re foolhardy enough to attempt a February duathlon.