The best electric cars of 2019 - reviewed

Breaking up (with fossil fuels) is so very hard to do... so allow us to help you kick petrol bills to the kerb with this collection of the greatest electric vehicles of 2019

Thee news headlines paint a gloomy picture for the automobile as we know it. Declining sales, increasing taxation and a general disgust towards diesel make the prospect of investing in new wheels a bit daunting. And yet, since the 1980s, car ownership has more than doubled in the UK as the cost of running a car has decreased by 12% – while in the same period, bus fares have risen 59% and rail fares 62%.

So we love cars, but need to save the planet – Sir David Attenborough said so at Glastonbury and therefore it’s gospel. There is hope, because billions of pounds are currently being poured into the development of electric vehicles – and the latest generation aim to eradicate the nasty muck emitted from belching tailpipes. We’re not naive enough to think EVs are a silver bullet cure for Earth’s assorted misfortunes, but we do know that impressive range, scintillating performanceandexcellentpracticality make them an enticing, future-proof offering. Plus it costs, like, a quid in leccy to drive 50 miles.

Wrap your head around the UK’s charging network – it’s better than you think – get used to plugging in overnight by installing a charger at home, and adapt to eerily silent motoring with instant acceleration, low maintenance and slashed fuel costs. You don’t have to buy either: leasing an EV is a bit like a phone contract, where you pay a monthly fee and upgrade your handset every few years.

To assist this surge of positivity we’ve rounded up – and sampled – a collection of the finest battery-powered vehicles on the planet, ranging from compact city cars to load-lugging premium SUVs, so you can enjoy emissions-free motoring whatever your oh-so-modern lifestyle demands.