8 reasons Siri on macOS Sierra will get you talking to your laptop

It's good to talk. Even if you only have your MacBook for company...

Siri is spreading. Before you know it, Apple's voice assistant will be nattering away at you on everything from your toothbrush to your hairdryer. But we're not quite there yet.

As thing stand, it's made its way from iPhones and iPads to the Apple Watch, and soon, it'll be infiltrating Macs worldwide, as part of Apple's latest upcoming OS update - macOS Sierra.

While Sierra will land with a heap of tasty updates to get Apple fans drooling, we're focusing on what tricks Siri has up its sleeve to help make our hands-free lives a little easier.

From sending messages to checking the weather and making appointments, Siri on your Mac sounds fab on paper, but it's by no mean perfect yet, often taking its sweet time doing your bidding.

You'll be able to test it out for yourself right now if you're an Apple developer. As for the rest of us, we can tuck into a public beta in July, ahead of its free release in autumn. Happy Siri-ing.