7 ways to look good using a phablet

Wielding a gargantu-phone? Here are some tips to avoid looking like you've messed with the business end of a shrink ray
5 ways to look good using a phablet

Phablets are hot. Damn hot. We're slowly coming round to the benefits of having huge screens on our phones. But however you slice it, you look daft holding one up to your face.

People stare, babies cry and you feel like a hobbit. Here are a few solutions to let you enjoy your vast slab of a gadget without all the jeering and pointing.

Use it with a Sony Smart Bluetooth Handset

How to look good using a phablet

This tiny Bluetooth handset lets you make and receive calls while your phablet remains nestled in your bag or pocket. It also doubles up as a wireless headphone receiver with music playback controls. An elegant solution and definitely one for Sony Xperia Z Ultra owners to consider.

Try Google Glass as a hands-free

How to look good using a phablet

Google's smart specs might not be available for the general public, but if you're a Glass Explorer (or their friend) with a plus-sized smartphone then you should be using Glass' built-in mic and speaker to natter away without holding a slab up to your face. Sure you'll look like a massive geek with them on regardless, but better a geek than than a pin-headed freak.

Get a pair of headphones with an in-line microphone

How to look good using a phablet

The easiest option is to make use of headphones with an in-line mic, which most of us already have packed away in our tech arsenal. Leave the phablet in your hands where it belongs and you'll have the added bonus of swiping away at some games while you're being sold PPI.

Wear giant prosthetic ears

How to look good using a phablet

Big phone, big ears. Makes sense right? Well, not really, but at least your phablet won't look quite as ridiculous in comparison. Although you'd probably need a giant prosthetic head too. And some giant foam hands to keep everything in proportion. By that stage though you might as well move onto the next step below.

Be Shaquille O'Neal

How to look good using a phablet

Shaq is a giant of a man with an 11in hand span, so he won't be needing any of these extras to use a phablet comfortably. If anything, a regular-sized device would probably feel like a Christmas cracker toy to him anyway. So eat up those greens, do a few stretches and… well, it probably won't make much of a difference to your size. But hey, you'll be healthier at least.

Go Full Dick Tracy

While a trench coat and fedora won't solve your phablet problem, a Dick Tracy-like watch which lets you make and receive phone calls – such as the Kreyos smartwatch – will. Yes you'll still look a little odd talking to your wrist, but you might be mistaken for a government agent and be left well alone. That's a bonus in our books.

Don't use a phablet

Perhaps the easiest option of all if you're constantly nattering away on the phone is to simply not use a phablet at all. Current 5in full HD phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z should be big enough for most people, and there's always the iPhone 5 with it's 4in display for dinky-handed tech-heads to hold without dislocating their thumbs.