7 more games we want on the Sony PlayStation Classic

These are the legendary games we want to revisit on Sony's mini-PSX

Sony has wisely taken a page out of Nintendo's playbook and just announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised take on the original, legendary PlayStation. We're thrilled, of course.

The 45%-smaller console will feature 20 built-in classics from way back when, including Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer 4 Type-R, Jumping Flash, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms – all well-deserving picks. But that's just five games, and there are 15 more to be announced before the PlayStation Classic saunters into stores on 3 December.

Naturally, we've got ideas. Here are seven more games that we're absolutely dying to see on Sony's pint-sized PlayStaton redux.

Wipeout 2097

How ahead of its time was Wipeout 2097? Even today, more than 20 years after its debut, the Psygnosis classic is still one of the coolest-looking games around – and coolest-sounding, to boot.

The original Wipeout set the anti-gravity racing template, but Wipeout 2097 (a.k.a. Wipeout XL) pumped so much more life and excitement into the game, with pulsing techno beats, glowing neon backdrops, and some of the best wheels-free competition we've ever experienced.

Resident Evil

The survival horror game that launched an entire genre, not to mention countless jump-scares, is an utterly essential pick for the PlayStation Classic. Resident Evil might seem antiquated now, but the mini-console just wouldn't seem complete without this eerie adventure.

Capcom's seminal quest lets you command both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as you explore an abandoned mansion – well, abandoned by live humans, at least. In truth, it's crawling with undead creepers and other freaky beasts, all of whom are eager to gnaw on your flesh within the tight rooms and hallways. Good luck in there.

Metal Gear Solid

Just as Resident Evil was absolutely formative for the survival horror genre, Metal Gear Solid singlehandedly created the modern stealth-action game. Building upon elements from the original retro Metal Gear games, Hideo Kojima created an enduring masterpiece.

The tactical combat and thrilling boss battles, paired with a cinematic and deeply odd storyline, plus incredible character design made Metal Gear Solid one for the ages. The series has only gotten more ambitious (and certainly weirder) over time, but the original MGS remains a very pure, pitch-perfect stealth experience.

Gran Turismo 2

Look, Ridge Racer 4 Type-R is a truly excellent late-'90s racer, and arguably the best pick in that formative franchise. But the PlayStation Classic is going to seem awfully out of place if it doesn't have one of Sony's own Gran Turismo games onboard.

The original set the standard for realistic, yet accessible driving action, but Gran Turismo 2 just took everything to another level. Packed with nearly 650 cars across both arcade and simulation modes, as well as 27 tracks, rally racing, and plenty other enhancements, it was the gold standard for four-wheel racing in the 32-bit era.

Tomb Raider

It's true that Tomb Raider began life on the Sega Saturn, but given its then-ongoing association with PlayStation, we're willing to succumb to a bit of revisionist history. And yes, Lara Croft's first adventure belongs on the PlayStation Classic.

Granted, it's also true that the 1996 adventure feels pretty clunky today, but that's common with a lot of early 3D games. Even so, there's no debating the iconic thrills found in Core Design's iconic original, and we're still up for being hunted down by an enormous T-Rex while hopping around madly and firing off a pair of pistols. Bring it on.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

The Tony Hawk franchise ultimately ended with a whimper, but it sure as hell started off with a bang. Neversoft's original PlayStation entry is one of the most endlessly replayable games ever made, which we can state for a fact having played it a seemingly infinite number of hours.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater let even balance-averse players pull off ridiculous aerial stunts, pop off stylish flip tricks, and grind rails to their heart's content, delivering a variety of distinctive levels to explore and then promptly own with your skateboarding prowess. THPS2 is even better, thanks to added polish and the trick-chaining manual move, but it's hard to argue against putting the debut in there.

Crash Bandicoot

After many years away, we recently saw the long-overdue return of Crash Bandicoot in an impressively-remastered trilogy edition. But like Gran Turismo and other games on this list, it just wouldn't feel right to have a PlayStation Classic without him.

The unofficial early PlayStation mascot gave Mario a run for his money with fast, yet tough 3D platforming action, and it was a gorgeous early example of the PSX's capabilities. We're ready to barrel through box-filled corridors to once more to stick it to Dr. Neo Cortex... and quite likely yell and curse in frustration after yet another just-missed jump.