10 of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Don't send your Galaxy S7 into battle without armour

Would you walk out of your front door into the big scary world, completely naked?

Probably not.

If you're anything like us, you wouldn't want your expensive smartphone venturing out without some protection either, so we've rounded up some of the snazziest Samsung Galaxy S7 cases to make sure it'll survive long enough for you to be distracted by an even newer, shinier gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear View Cover (£35)

Samsung’s Clear View cover protects both the front and back of the Galaxy S7 and is similar to the company’s other flip cases. The main difference is the fact that the front is, as the name suggests, clear, letting you see notifications and accept/reject calls without having to open it up.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear View Cover here


Otterbox Galaxy S7 Defender Series (£40)

Otterbox cases mean serious business, and the Defender is no exception. It’ll encase your Galaxy S7 in four tough layers including rubber and foam, and includes port covers for improved dust and water resistance. There’s even a clear film which covers the screen, protecting your beloved handset from every angle.

Buy the Otterbox Galaxy S7 Defender Series case here 

Official S View Cover Case (£32)

It might not be bulletproof or made from laser-cut bamboo, but this official Samsung case does a decent job of all-round protection, with the additional benefit of an ‘S-View’ window. When closed, the phone switches into S-View mode, letting you answer calls, reply to messages and take snaps without having to open up the case.

Buy the official S View cover case here 


And now for something completely different. This Galaxy S7 case resembles a miniature clutch bag, complete with faux zip and two card holders. It’s genuine leather too, which is good news if you’re after the genuine article.

Buy the Case-Mate leather folio wristlet case here 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover (£50)

BlackBerry fans take note - you can have the best of both worlds with Samsung’s official physical keyboard cover case. It’s pretty self explanatory (and rather ugly), but if you positively must have physical buttons on your Galaxy S7, here’s your solution. The keyboard clips onto the back if you want to free up the Galaxy S7’s 5.1in screen too.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover here