10 of the best Google Pixel accessories

Improve your Pixel with these smart add-ons

So, you've got yourself a shiny new Google Pixel. Lucky thing. But what will you pair it with?

See, you can't simply stroll around with your shiny new flagship bare and naked. Nor can you just leave it on the desk, free from docks and wires. It's smartphone law.

No, what you need to do - once you've finished caressing your Pixel - is peruse this list of the 10 best accessories money can buy, before picking which you'll buy to begin what will soon become a burgeoning collection of Google Pixel gear.

Google Live Case (£35)

There are cases and there are cases. This is the latter. With a whole range to choose from - including unique artistic designs and customised map locations - for a truly individual Pixel you can plaster your own photo on the case.

You'll get a live wallpaper to match whichever case you pick for a full theme experience, while a built-in button can be programmed to take you to your favourite app. Not bad for a slim shell.

Buy a Google Live Case here

Smart Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector (£5)

A 5in affair that offers 441 pixels per inch, the Pixel's screen is - appropriately - one of the flagship's standout features. The last thing you'll want, then, is a massive great crack in it because of an inebriated incident involving a kebab and the pavement.

Nor, though, will you want to smother the display in any bit of sticky plastic. The answer? Pick up this tempered glass protector for smear-resistant shatterproofing. The edges are curved for a more seamless fit, while application should be bubble-free, too.

Buy the Smart Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector here

Google 18W USB-C Power Adapter (£29)

£29 might seem steep for a lowly power adapter, but this one's got a smart trick in its plastic shell: it's equipped with USB Power Delivery.

OK, that doesn't sound exciting, but it means all sorts of charging benefits - from increased power levels to clever device management - that means your tech only taking the power that it needs. This plug should see your Pixel achieve the quickest charging rates possible, while the dual port version can efficiently share power between two USB-C machines.

Buy the Google 18W USB-C Power Adapter here

Soundmagic E10C headphones (£40)

If you've stumped up the readies for a 128GB Pixel, then you'll surely be filling it with a host of films and music. Thankfully, you'll also have a headphone jack through which to enjoy them.

Why not celebrate by treating yourself to the best pound-for-pound pair of 'phones out there? The SoundMagic E10C 'buds sound far better than they should for £40, with great depth and texture - and just enough subtlety that you'll need to spend a whole lot more to trump them. Get them in grey, though, or your Pixel might get jealous.

Buy the SoundMagic E10C here

Google Daydream View Headset (£69)

What better way to make the most of the Pixel's speedy internals than by dabbling in VR. Sure, you can buy a Cardboard headset - or even make your own - but do you really want to stick a £600 phone in a box made of glorified paper? Thought not.

Covered in soft fabric, the Daydream View is plush and comfortable on the inside - not to mention handsome. In fact, it's one of the nicest VR headsets out there, and it's a cinch to set up, too: once you’ve downloaded it from the Play Store, NFC tech inside the headset instantly activates the Daydream app on your phone.

Buy the Google Daydream View Headset here

Cardboard, made better