10 best apps for the HTC One (M8)

Just acquired the beautiful new flagship smartphone from HTC? Here are the first apps you should download
HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M8) is a wonderful phone, and we suspect many of you will be splashing your hard-earned readies on one soon (if, indeed, you haven’t done so already). With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of essential apps and games to get you started.

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Threes! (£1.20)


This ingeniously simple puzzle game has spawned a legion of shameless rip-offs (including 2048, which has, somewhat tragically, become more popular), but while these clones might have half-inched its essence, they can’t match its charm. Threes!’s music and visuals are almost as important as its number-crunching tile-shuffling, and it’s quite simply a joy to play – then compare your top score to your friends’ and realise that you have a lot to learn.

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Pocket (Free)


Previously called Read It Later, Pocket is a brilliantly useful app if you’re the sort of person who comes across interesting web articles all the time – but doesn’t have the time to read them. Now you can simply stick them “in your Pocket” for perusal at a time when you do have a few moments to spare, and because Pocket works in the cloud, you can add pages using one device and read them from another.

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VSCO Cam (Free)


Take full advantage of the One (M8)’s classy UltraPixel camera with this wonderfully tasteful photo editing and sharing app. VSCO Cam lets you tweak a wide variety of criteria (exposure, contrast, sharpness, colour temperature etc.) as well as crop images and apply a series of adjustable filters that are far more subtle than Instagram’s equivalents. Finished images can then be shared to social media (including Instagram and Facebook) or VSCO’s own eminently elegant Grid platform.

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Wunderlist (Free)


A smarter way to make a to-do list, Wunderlist syncs across all your platforms and its lists are shareable, meaning you can easily set up group tasks as well as personal agendas. Should you upgrade to the paid Pro edition, you can break down complex tasks by adding subtasks, and make your lists richer and more detailed via attached images, PDFs, videos and even soundbites.

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Cut the Rope 2 (Free)

Given the original Cut the Rope’s popularity, it seems amazing that it’s taken so long for a sequel to emerge. But emerge it finally has – and it’s free, albeit with in-app purchases sprinkled throughout to sour your fun somewhat. With enough new in-game elements to justify a download even for seasoned rope-slicing veterans, it’s a physics-based gem.

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