Readers' Gadget of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
Having won Readers’ Gadget for two years running, OnePlus could have been forgiven for taking 2016 off to rest on their gilded laurels. Unfortunately for their many rivals, the OnePlus 3 came along and blew them all out of the water. Again. So good it’s a bit unfair, it’s worth remembering this phone is as good as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and costs half the price of that immense device. How do the likes of Apple, Sky and Microsoft compete with such a mighty proposition? According to you lot, they don’t. The OnePlus 3 won this category by an absolute landslide. Of course, it could be all change next year. What with Apple’s rumoured all glass iPhone in the works and the properly 4K Xbox Project Scorpio set to arrive in 2017, there’s plenty of brilliant new tech just around the corner. Are we gonna bet against the inevitable OnePlus 4 though? Obviously not. That’d be madness.

Runners up

Amazon’s genius speaker-cum-voice assistant finally arrived in the UK this year, meaning you can hail an Uber, order fish & chips or just find out just how cold it is out, all via your dulcet British tones.

The most baller e-reader imaginable is almost more of a status symbol than an actual gadget. Still, what kind of peasant expands their mind with a device whose case isn’t made from genuine leather?

This supercharged iPad Air 2 with added keyboard smarts will chomp right through the ardour of your 9 to 5 work while offering a perfectly-sized screen for Netflix-related larks. It's the ultimate iPad.

Picking up the wearable baton from where Apple’s original Watch left off, this upgraded edition is a whole lot faster and is much better suited to sports, thanks to a killer combo of GPS and waterproofing.

In a year that was chockablock with awesome drones the DJI Phantom 4 still hovers head and shoulders above the rest. Why? Collision detection makes it immensely harder to crash the thing.

Once you’ve tried virtual reality on the HTC Vive everything else just pales in comparison. Being able to walk around and interact with amazing, hilarious and horrifying new worlds is simply amazing.


Sorry Samsung, LG’s OLED TVs continue to be the best around by our reckoning - even if they do cost a pretty penny to own. If you do have the spare funds this 4K model is a feast for your eyes.

The Xbox One was already a pretty great games console. With an added 4K Blu-ray player and HDR capabilities, it’s now a truly sensational one. Playing Forza Horizon 3 on this thing is pure phwoar.

‘We’ve reinvented TV,’ they said. And they weren’t lying. Whether you want a smarter multiroom setup, better viewing recommendations or just to watch the footie in 4K, Sky Q is essential.