Health & Fitness Gadget of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
Really, does anyone need a more comprehensive fitness watch than Garmin’s excellent Vivoactive HR? Unless you’re running ultra-marathons, we don’t think so. It’s got the lot: heart rate monitoring, step and sleep tracking, detailed workout recordings and an inactivity alarm to remind you when it’s time to get up off the sofa. Sure, it’s got a bit of an ASBO-chic vibe, but seeing as it keeps ticking for a whole week between battery charges, it gets a free pass in the style stakes. It’s packing GPS and an altimeter, so you won’t need to bring your phone along when you want to map your running or cycling route, and it’ll keep track of more extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing too. Oh, and it’s got all the smartphone notifications and alerts you could want, too. For the cash, there’s really not a lot else out there that’s quite so comprehensive.

The runners-up

This good-looking, low-key wristband tracker gets the basics right, making it perfect for casual gym goers and people who need that little extra motivation to get more active.

Runners, leave your phone at home: Under Armour’s smart shoes don’t cost much more than a regular pair of trainers, but track all of your workouts with clever Bluetooth tech.

Wahoo Kickr

Turbo trainers are great for cycling through winter, and the new Kickr is the very best of its kind. Use it with Zwift for online multiplayer cycle training, with resistance automatically adjusting for hills.

Losing weight is one thing, but these scales ensure you’re set up to stay healthy in the long run. And not only are these Withings the smartest ones on the market, they don’t look half bad either.