TV of the Year 2015

Awards Winner
Fancy a face-wrapping 4K telly with OLED to make your retinae pop? Look no further: 55 curved inches of opulent organic ultra-HD heaven in a package as pretty as the picture it pushes.

The runners-up

Panasonic TX-40CS520

Downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading with this well-built 40-incher. What it lacks in 4K it more than makes up for with a beautifully-balanced picture, ease of use and change out of £400.

A crisp combination of picture quality and colours that pop without bursting, Samsung’s mid-market model is anything but middling. 4K is super sharp, 1080p brilliantly upscaled and browsing breezy.

Oversized on-the-wallers don’t come much subtler. A full 55 inches of pin-sharp nanocrystal is hardly low-key, but a mini-me footprint and realistic colours make it a magic movie machine.

After a set to make your chums stop and stare? This is it: Sony’s high-end high-def display puts the ‘phwoar’ into 4K. It’s 75in of crystal clear monolithic majesty - with a price to match.