This is the most popular iPhone of 2019.

Available in a fruity array of colours, with a seemingly modest dual-camera and powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic Chip, the iPhone 11 is the most affordable iPhone of 2019.

Whilst dual-cameras sounds meagre by today’s standards, clever software known as Deep Fusion takes multiple photos at one time to ascertain the most optimal versions, then mashes them together for the best possible results. Plus, the low-light performance sees huge improvements and portrait mode isn’t only reserved for humans, like with the iPhone XR. Strike a pose, cat.

We’ve been using the iPhone 11 for two weeks and (spoiler alert) we’re impressed.

Display and Sound: OLED lacking

Like the XR, the iPhone 11 totes an LCD panel and doesn’t benefit from the stunning OLED display seen on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

How much does that really matter boils down to the user’s preference.

For those who are consuming huge amounts of media, or editing video on the fly, it’s a pretty big deal. And to those who are just taking a few pictures at the weekends, playing a few games, catching up on emails and WhatsApping ‘til their fingers go blue – it shouldn’t really matter.

You still get a 6.1in Liquid Retina display which is substantially brighter than the XR by a whole 63 nits. And that really does make a difference and help with viewing angles, especially in bright light.

Haptic Touch comes to the iPhone 11, rather than 3D touch and it’s incredibly quick and easy to adjust to, pressing longer instead of harder. We also found it be smoother than 3D touch on the XR which we could sometimes misjudge.

The Dolby Atmos spacial audio graces all the new iPhones, which is a delightful addition and does aid in creating a more immersive viewing experience and a treat for the ears as the sound is more dynamic. 

Performance and Software: Chip and dips

There’s a lot to like about iOS 13 and it’s going to run smoothest on the newest Apple devices.

Swipe typing is a new feature that’s handy for drafting quick messages one-handed, you can type without taking your finger off the screen. Dark Mode has rolled our across iOS 13 too, and makes using the iPhone such more a more pleasurable experience in the evening and it comes to many third part apps too, like Instagram. 

Apple’s FaceID sees an update too, the field of view has been increased, so it’ll be easier to unlock your phone when you’re in the middle of Twister. It’s quicker at recognising my face, but still not quite perfect and occasionally I had to tilt it slightly. But all this and more, is now available to update on a load of Apple products.

What we really care about it that A13 Bionic Chip. It scores higher on Geekbench than its flagship rivals and day-to-day, the phone is incredibly quick and responsive. I don’t remember apps ever loading this quickly. It makes light work of low-level video editing too.

There’s a new U1 chip too, which apparently is what makes AirDrop so much speedier, and we can fully confirm this. The thought of using AirDrop to share files was once met with laughter, now it’s the best damn way to share things across Apple devices and we'd be lost without it since we're so reliant on the iPhone’s camera and there’s no quicker way to get them on an Apple laptop.

iPhone 11 verdict

We’ve saved one of the most important things ‘til last. Let’s get real, all of the above doesn’t really matter if you run out of power, and that’s one department where the iPhone 11 trumps the pro. It’ll last a full day with heavy usage, and well over a day if you’re not a working, gaming, photo taking freak like us.

There’s no fast 18W charger in the box like there is with the Pro, but we suggest you buy one (£29), it’s well worth it.

You’re getting a neat package with the iPhone 11 and it’s not silly expensive. The new Bionic A13 chip packs serious power, the cameras are near faultless (for a smartphone) and it’ll last a full day.

The OLED is more of an issue than lack of telephoto lens, so if you can bring yourself to get over that, then start thinking about what colour you might opt for.

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Tech Specs 
5.94in x 2.98in x 0.33in
6.1in Liquid Retina HD display
Water and dust resistance
Rated IP68
A13 Bionic chip
Dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide angle cameras, TrueDepth 12MP front-facing camera
iOS 13
Stuff says... 

Apple iPhone 11 review

No OLED screen is a fine compromise when you’re getting unrivalled power, great battery life and one of the best smartphone cameras.
Good Stuff 
Great cameras
Decent battery life
Good value
Powerful A13 Bionic chipset
Bad Stuff 
A touch bulky