Sky's mobile TV app keeps going from strength to strength with an Android version now available on the most popular Jelly Bean phones plus optimisation for the iPhone 5.

You'll need to be a subscriber to the relevant package in order to stream movies, sports, news and entertainment channels but if you shell out lots of cash each month you could enjoy up to 33 channels.

Helpfully, Sky lets you register two devices to watch everything on too so not just your iPhone, Android device or iPod Touch but also your iPad, PC, Mac or Xbox 360. 

UPDATE: Sky Go Extra just launched with downloads of movies and TV shows available on your smartphone or tablet for a month at a time.

It's a Wi-Fi only subscription service but if you get Sky Go free already with your Sky sub, it's definitely worth the £5 a month and the option makes Sky Go even more of an essential iPhone and Android app. 

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Sky Go review

If you've got a Sky sub, this streaming service – which now adds downloads for £5 a month – is a no-brainer