This smart pebble tracks your breathing, tells you when you need to calm down and de-stress

Calories, steps and now inner peace. Is there anything we can't track?

That's one beautiful mouse
Beautiful, yes, but this is no mouse. It's actually a health tracker. Shaped like a pebble. With a stainless steel clip attached to it.

Ah. Well, I suppose that was obvious, was it?
It's ok, we doubt you've ever seen anything like it before. We sure haven't.

Unlike other fitness trackers which reside on your wrist, the Spire is meant to be clipped on your waist so that it remains pressed against your torso. 

In this position, it's able to measure the frequency and intensity of your breathing, as well as count your steps.

My... breathing?
Yep. Spire believes that your mental health and general well-being are heavily influenced by your stress levels and breathing.

This smart pebble tracks your breathing, tells you when you need to calm down an

Your iPhone (no Android love for the time being) can alert you when it detects fast, heavy breathing, recommending that you take a few deep breaths to relax.

Obviously if you're running or jogging then you're expected to breathe heavily, and you can log workouts like regular fitness trackers if you wish.

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I'm not really the zen type...
We admit, we're not sold on the whole breathing deeply reminders. We're perfectly capable of figuring out when we're stressed without needing a notification to take a breather.

But the Spire does look great, and it's an ideal solution for people who don't want want to add another gadget to their wrists.

What's the battery life of a typical pebble?
Zero days in nature. But the Spire claims to last around seven, and it's got a rather attractive circular charging pad to wirelessly juice it up without faffing around with cables.

I might bite. How much is it?
You can pre-order a Spire for US$110 and it'll ship in September with a retail price of US$150. Don't forget to breathe until then though, eh?

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