Fully Charged: a new PS3 (yes, PS3), 4K for cheap, and Leap Motion gets apps

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Scale the world's tallest building, in your pants. Close all your windows, with your fingernail. Get 4K TV for less than a grand. Curious? All will be revealed below.

Leap Motion app store

Leap Motion, the revolutionary gesture controller that tracks your finger movements in the air, has reached final beta stage and will launch on July 22, along with the Airspace app store.  100 apps are ready to go at launch, while a US$25m Leap Fund has been created to fund future development on the platform. [Source: MacRumours]

Adidas Springblade

Adidas Springblade

First there was Boost – now Adidas is pushing the boundaries of sporty trainer design once again with Springblade. If Boost didn’t give you enough spring the 16 polymer blades on the sole of the Springblade trainers should do the trick. Pick up a pair from August 1st. [Source: Gizmodo]

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Seiki 39in 4K TV for US$700

Want to join the 4K TV revolution without remortgaging your house in the process? Seiki is here for you with its US$700 (£450) 39in 4K TV – pre-orders start June 27th. [Source: Engadget]

Burj Khalifa on Google Street View

Google Street View Burj Khalifa

Made it, Ma – top of the world! The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is now available to view on Google Street View. Pop over to virtual Dubai to enjoy all 828m of the tower with panoramic imagery from outside and within – including 163rd floor views and take a trip on the 22mph world’s fastest lift. [Source: Pocket-Lint]

Microsoft games going mobile

Nikkei claims that Microsoft has reached a deal with Japan's KLab to develop Android and iOS versions of its first-party titles.  The deal reportedly includes adaptations of both PC and Xbox games, kicking off with a free-to-play variant of Age of Empires that could launch this year. [Source: Engadget]

Fully Charged: a new PS3 (yes, PS3), 4K for cheap, and Leap Motion gets apps - Microsoft games going mobile 2

PS4 isn't stopping Sony from launching new PS3s

Sony looks to be prepping a new PS3, to launch ahead of the PS4. The South Korean government has had filings for two new PS3 models, though what's not clear is whether they're significant hardware revisions or just minor refreshes of the existing PS3 Super Slim. Still, if you can't spare the pennies for a next-gen console, it's good to know that the PS3 will be supported for some time to come. [Source: TechRadar]


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