The fastest diesel sports car in the world can run 2000 miles on a single tank

Be still our petrol-pumping hearts...

Wow. Pretty car.
Isn't it just? say hello to the Iceni - the fastest, most economical diesel sports car in the world.

Designed by British manufacturer Trident, the Iceni is dripping with luscious curves from every angle, and it'll definitely draw in the crowds when you park it outside Harrods.

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Economical? Really?
Yes, really. Trident has included its unique torque multiplication technology in the Iceni, as it believes that tweaking torque is the most effective way of getting more miles out of your ride. It's managed to increase fuel efficiency by 20%, which is an impressive feat of engineering.

Meet the Trident Iceni: the fastest sports car in the world than can run 2000 mi

In fact, Trident claims that the Iceni can run for a whopping 2,000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel.

Wow. It's still fast though, right?
Well, it depends. Is 190mph fast enough for you? We thought so.

The Iceni is powered by a 6.6-litre V8 turbodiesel engine which provides 424bhp and 950lb of torque. You can even upgrade to 651bhp and 1057lb of torque, if your wallet's deep enough.

Speaking of which...
£96,000 is the starting price, but it can creep all the way up to £126,000 once you opt for the upgrades and extras. Better get saving eh?

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Is that a truck overtaking me? Nope, it's a hairdresser.

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