How to ruin the best looking phone in the world - Step 1: PINK

The One (M8) can be yours in a retina-searing colour. If you like

The HTC One (M8) is one of the most beautiful, well-crafted pieces of tech we've ever had the pleasure of holding in our hands. But even a solid aluminium build can't save it from its brand new pink paint job.

Available exclusively at the Carphone Warehouse from 7 August, the sickeningly sweet pink variant of HTC's flagship will have everything we've come to love about the One (M8) on the inside, at least - namely its light-guzzling Ultrapixel camera, all the smarts of Sense 6.0 and fantastic front-facing BoomSound speakers.

Gadgeteers looking for a less standard colour (but who don't want to look like they're holding a slab of candy floss) might instead prefer to snap up the Red version of the One (M8) instead, which will be exclusively available on O2 from 7 August.

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