Netflix vs Amazon vs Now TV - the battle of the streaming services

Watch what you want, whenever and wherever – Stuff weighs up the top three TV streaming subscription services

Don't worry, that's gravy not blood

The days when we were shackled to the TV schedules are over: for less than a tenner a month you now have access to an all-you-can-watch buffet of box-sets and blockbusters. 

That's mostly thanks to Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime Instant Video. All three are worthy contenders for the title of best video streaming service, each of the three has its own particular strengths and occasional weaknesses.

Of course you don't want to subscribe to all three - you want to know which is best. And that's where we come in. We've reluctantly spent hundreds of hours bingeing on films and TV series so that we can give you our definitive verdict. 

So, on with the show…


Each service has its positives.

Now TV is the best bet for sports fans and avid Game Of Thrones watchers. It features some of the finest shows to come from Sky Atlantic plus an unbeatable selection of recent blockbusters. But bear in mind that it's pricey compared to the other two here and won't give you full HD streaming. 

Amazon Prime has the largest collection out of the three and is doing its best to steal Netflix's thunder, but it needs more top shows before it becomes essential.

That leaves Netflix, which on sheer compatibility alone blows the other two out of the water. The films on it may not be the newest, but the selection is very well curated, while a TV library boasting the likes of House Of Cards and Breaking Bad is hard to top. 

It's also the easiest to use thanks to its personalised selection system and the best to look at in terms of pure streaming quality. So if you only subscribe to one service, we'd make it this one.

What to watch

Once you've decided which service to subscribe to, you'll face the tricky choice of what to watch. Fortunately, we can help you there too. We've compiled lists of the best shows on all three platforms, so may we humbly suggest you check them out next.

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