Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 20 gadget gift ideas for design lovers

From quirky cups to elephantine cutlery drainers, here's our list of the year's design doyens

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: 20 gadget gifts for design lovers

That carbon-fibre Christmas tree. Those jelly baubles. The tinsel made of steam. Design decisions don't always go to plan, but they almost always get you noticed - and the festive season is the perfect time to give the gift of quirky kit.

Almost always placing function over form, this here is a collection of largely useless, fantastically designed prezzies.

Pipework Candlestick (from £28)

20 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

What is plumbing if not the source of all beauty in the world? Intricate pipework, copper seals, brass valves: all the stuff of domestic design dreams.

And now you can have that under-basin chic right on your dining room table. Like something straight out of a Sims expansion pack, these drippy dazzlers make for a pipingly perfect centrepiece.

No more need you be ashamed of your fabulous fixings. Come, embrace the colour combos of these waxy wonders and revel in their utilitarian glory.

Buy Pipework Candlesticks here

Thomas Heatherwick: Making (£30)

20 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

For the true design snob here's a survey of every Heatherwick Studio project to date, all 140 of them. That bus! The hairy seed bank!

Each coffee table-friendly image is treated to some words from Tommy on his design and manufacturing processes. There's plenty of behind the scenes tidbits, too, from this brilliant Brit and bonus points for getting in before he goes all mainstream with the Garden Bridge.  

Buy Thomas Heatherwick: Making here

Beyond Object Align (£40)

20 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

Reinventing the lowly ballpoint might not be high on most designers’ life goal lists, but one look at this inky stick suggests it should be.

Like the quill of a dimension-shifting scribe, the Align’s offset centre endlessly entices you to twist its stem back into flush-fitting form – and, when you do, it becomes a fully functioning scribbler.

As with all great designs, it’s completely useless: you’ll be far too captivated by caressing its anodised aluminium shell to even think about noting down your newfound love.

Buy the Beyond Object Align here

Nanoleaf Bloom (US$40)

20 Christmas gift ideas for design lovers

Blooming heck, this might just be the longest-lasting gift you ever give. If you really want to light up someone’s life this Christmas, Nanoleaf’s super screw-in has a 27.5yr lifespan, complete with self-reinforcing smarts and a night mode - meaning no more need for night lights.

The real party trick? This blocky bulb is dimmable in any light fixture. Yup: you can fulfil those home-cinema dreams without needing to install a costly new lighting system, just by popping in one of these bad boys.

Buy Nanoleaf Bloom here


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