Ever since Robosapien stormed Christmas 2004 its manufacturer, Wowwee, hasn't been able to stop making robots.

The humanoid has since been updated twice, with extra buddies Robopet and Roboreptile quickly following. Now, he's got a brat of a little brother in the form of Roboreptile.

Get yourself a family of robopetsThe Wowwee clan has never been about Sony AIBO levels of sophistication – its robots are affordable, performing monkeys with no ability to learn – and Roboreptile is no different.

Once you've got him out the box – make sure you've got a long Philips screwdriver – you'll need to feed him and the remote with no less than nine AA batteries. Then it's case of pressing his 'on' switch and standing back.

Immediately, you realise this is no good-natured Robosapien. The mean-looking dinosaur wasted no time in squawking and then going straight for our ankle, then sitting back on his hind legs with apparent glee.

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Wowwee Roboreptile review

Robots are supposed to be helpful or entertaining. Roboreptile, with his limited movements and irate demeanour, is just unpleasant

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