WIn one of ten Kitsound Diggit XL outdoor speakers

Your BBQs need a boost. We have the answer!

You know what the problem with the great outdoors is? It doesn’t have walls around it.

This is obviously good news if you’re planning to go wingsuiting, but it does mean the sound from most weedy little Bluetooth speakers tends to drift away on the breeze. The solution? Either stay indoors, forever, or get a proper outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Like, say, the KitSound Diggit XL.

An even bigger, more powerful outdoor speaker than the standard Diggit, this bamboo-finished beauty offers 16 Watts of 360 ° sound, 24 hours of playing time, IP66 weatherproofing and even a downlight feature for those moody evening ambiences. And yes, it comes with its own stake for planting in the lawn. We’ve got 10 of these barbecue-boosting noise-bringers to give away in this month’s competition – just correctly answer the question through this link to be in with a chance.

Competition closes 18 July. Good luck!

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